Windows 2 Worship

Just think…The Barna Group says the average church visitor decides within the first 6-8 minutes if they will return to your church again, and they’ve only experienced the worship.

What is Windows 2 Worship Consulting?

Windows 2 Worship is, in essence, a “Worship Coach”, empowering the worship team to grow along side the vision of the pastor, and assisting the worship leader in the overall mission of the church. Pastor’s have access to mentors and coaches, but most worship leader’s are lacking a mentor.  Currently, the average tenure of a worship leader is less than 3 years. Windows 2 Worship is dedicated to enhancing the overall worship experience of your church. The mission is “2 Impact & 2 Impart into worship ministries by partnering with the vision of the local”.

Windows 2 Worship Consulting can assist in the :

How do I introduce newer worship to a traditional congregation?
How do I get my team to dress more contemporary without hurting anyone’s feelings?
How do I get my team to learn new songs?
What can I do to build energy and excitement in my morning worship?
How can we be creative in my worship? 
How do we transition between songs?
How do I build a culture of worship?
How do I get the young people of my church involved ?
How do I find musicians with Godly character?
Do I pay my musicians?
How do I find a person to run sound?
How can I communicate to my worship leader?

Please contact us for booking, references or more information.